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Hi, my name is Virginia Hamilton. I love eating, cooking, growing, sharing, shopping for, and talking about food, and reading about all of the above. I subscribe to a number of food related blogs and am writing this blog to join the conversation.

I also like to sing around the house, so my husband calls me his songbird, thus the name of my blog.

I live in Texas, partly in Austin and partly in Houston, and soon will be moving to Brenham, a mid-size town between the two cities. When considering a certain house for sale in Brenham, I went out into the backyard and sat in its covered patio. I heard a rustle in the tree nearby and saw there a red bellied woodpecker, very quietly looking at me. It seemed such a rare and lovely sight, that I felt the moment as a harbinger of something very special. We will be moving in soon and I hope to attract all kinds of birds, bees, frogs, lizards, and other critters and plants to the garden I am now imagining I will plant there.

Here is a recent picture of me. You cannot really see it, so I will tell you, I am wearing my favorite t-shirt from the Madison Farmers Market, made by my friends Carol and Al Hambrecht. They sell t-shirts and wonderful canvas shopping bags at their stand at the Farmers Market in Madison, Wisconsin, and online at madisonfarmersmarket.com . If you look, you will want to own them all.VA for blog

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  1. Carol and Al

    Thanks for mentioning Madison Farmers Market on your new blog! The photo is adorable and we love how colorful the shirt looks. It sounds like your blog is off to a good start! We are going to try your recipe for the potato and leek soup . . . true comfort food. Your friends Carol and Al

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